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This course is the progression from our introduction to outdoor climbing course, however still open to beginners looking for a more advanced start. On this course you will learn how to tie in, fit equipment and belay, but also learn how to second a route, lead belay, abseil with a prussik and be introduced to rope rigging techniques. We will also look at some more advanced movement techniques to help your climbing progress into the future. If you are looking for a more advanced start or already know how to climb safely inside / have some outdoor experience, jumping straight onto this course to advance your knowledge is absolutely fine with us.

Product Details
What you'll learn
  • Seconding lead climbers
  • Rigging
  • Gear uses
  • Lead belaying 
  • Essiential Knots
  • Equipment uses
  • Guidebook uses
  • Outdoor coaching
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This gift card has a expiry date of 12 months and can be used towards any of our 'open courses'.