Full Sport Starter Rack

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Our expert team have extensively tested a huge range of products on the market. We have built this pack to bring you the balance of top quality kit at a reasonable price. The Sport Climbing Starter Pack contains everything you need to safely hit sport routes with confidence.

Pack contains:

  • 2 x Ocun Hawk quickdraw 5 pack
  • 1 x Camp Matik belay device
  • 1 x DMM Ceros
  • 1 x Camp Swing
  • 1 x DMM Aero
Product Details
Ocun Hawk quickdraw 5 pack

Ideal for red point climbing and frequent training

  • Hawk Straight top carabiner (with straight keylock for easy clipping in)
  • Zoom QD (15/22 mm) Polyamide webbing of ergonomic shape with high durability
  • Hawk Bent bottom carabiner (with keylock for easy clipping of the rope)
  • The Biner Fix rubber loop holds the bottom carabiner in the correct position
Camp Matik belay device
  • A revolutionary belay-descender device with assisted braking that delivers amazing safety and control
  • Gradual camming action helps reduce the impact force of a fall and decreases wear and tear on the rope
  • Proprietary Anti-Panic system automatically blocks the rope if the user loses control of the descent
  • Double-hinged lever and straight rope path make the descent feel very fluid and controlled
  • Intuitive design eliminates the possibility of clipping a carabiner to the device if it is not completely closed
  • Wide attachment hole allows the carabiner to rotate through the hole
  • High-end manufacturing with hot-forged aluminum main body and precision-cast stainless steel for the critical components that come in contact with the rope
  • For single dynamic ropes from 8.6 to 10.2 mm
DMM Ceros

The Ceros minimises the risk of cross-loading. Easy to operate with one hand, and able to locate on the belay loop in a single movement, the Ceros is intuitive to use and simple to rack. Correct orientation is achieved with an internal wiregate that keeps the Ceros captive on a belay loop, and a horn which prevents assisted braking devices moving onto the carabiner’s spine. Full section top bar gives smooth rope control and resists wear.

Camp Swing

The Swing is an adjustable lanyard for quick, easy and safe positioning at anchors. The lanyard remains girth hitched to the tie-in point of the harness and attaches to the anchor using a standard locking carabiner. Once connected, simply pull on the free end of the lanyard to tension into the anchor or hold the device open with the thumb lever to release tension. Meets the strict UIAA 109 standard for energy absorption with a factor 2 fall. 9.7 mm dynamic rope. Adjustable from 20-100 cm.

DMM Aero

The Aero's solid bar construction resists wear and tear and creates a consistent surface that gives smooth rope control. A Keylock nose prevents catching on gear and ropes, giving easy installation and retrieval from rigging systems. The Aero gives robust performance anywhere in a climbing system.

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