Right Way In a Day

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Product Details

If you have a loved one or friend who wishes to learn how to navigate or improve your skills in navigation around our country's beautiful landscapes, we can help. This course will teach all the map and compass skills, pacing and timing techniques, as well as other essential skills to get from A to B.

What you'll learn...
  • Map scales
  • Grid systems and features
  • Compass skills
  • Route planning
  • Pacing and timings
  • Equipment selection
Who's it for?

For those who want to learn basic navigation skills to keep themselves safe whilst hiking or to further some navigation knowledge. No previous experience needed. 

Kit needed:

A kit list will be provided prior to starting the course.


Here we will brief you on the days activity whilst having a free brew and biscuit. From here we will set off into the hills for an exciting days learning. We sometimes we use areas further away from our centre so you can get the most out of your course, therefore some transport is advantageous.  However if you are struggling for transport please let us know so we can arrange some for you. We aim to be finished around 4:30pm.

Refunds & Returns

This gift card has a expiry date of 12 months and can be used to book any 'open courses' available.