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Mountain Rope-work Introduction Course

It can be incredibly rewarding knowing you've taken the 'hard' way to a summit and experience a more physical way of exploring the mountains. On this course, one of our experienced mountaineering instructors will guide and teach you the skills you need to head off and explore the steeper side of mountains. This course is also an excellent introduction to summer Alpine rope work.

Mountain Rope-work Development Course

This course has been specifically designed so you can tackle hard moutaineering routes and is the second course in our 'Mountaineering Rope-work' workshops. Our aim is to develop your mountaineering skills much further and look in depth at technical rope management and climber safety. We hope by the end of this course you will be able to head out and tackle the more serious mountaineering routes in the UK as well as give you the skills to manage yoursleves safely in the Alps.

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What you'll learn...

  • Mountaineering Rope work
  • Moving together 
  • Belay set ups
  • Rope managment 
  • Advanced moving together techniques
  • Gear placements
  • Leading techniques
  • and more...
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You can use the value of this gift cards towards both the 'Mountaineering Rope-work' Courses.

They have no expiry dates so do one course this year and then another later on.