Climbing in the Peak District

Steeped in history and with a lifetime of crags and climbing venues to explore why not come climb in the Peak District?

So yes, we might be bias toward our local climbing area but we have good reason to be. People have been climbing our Gritstone and Limestone crags for well over 150 years. No where else in the UK offers so many accessible climbing venues or as many different climbing styles. In the Peak we have bouldering, trad climbing, sport climbing and multi-pitch climbing.

The reason this area is so great for climbers is due to a number of reasons but mostly thanks to its geology. The Peak district sits on top of a huge layer of limestone with a Gritstone sedimentary layer sat on top of it. Over the years the softer Gritstone layer has been eroded away by wind and water to leave a number of fantastic and unique climbing crags. Where the erosion has been at its greatest, it has exposed the Limestone underneath. Man has also had some influence. During the industrial revolution a number of railway lines where constructed and due to its undulating landscape, the Victorians dug deep to create smooth and flat rail lines. The lines themselves no long exist however where the trains once ran are deep limestone valleys, perfect for steep hard limestone climbing. A perfect example of this is Doverdale and Cheedale, where the train tracks have been removed and climbers have taken over.

Natural valleys also exist. Matlock and Matlock Bath are situated in natural V-shaped valleys and within an amphitheatre of steep limestone cliffs. These are the largest Limestone cliffs in the Peak and offer some of the countries best multi-pitch climbing venues.

The other reason why the Peak is so great to climb in is not only the variety of styles but the accessibility as mentioned earlier. Due to its location being in the Heart of the country and with its industrial past, almost every venue is within easy walking distance and number of venues also have disabled access. Within less than a 30min drive you can be either, climbing steep bolted limestone, bouldering high up on its stunning Gritstone outcrops or Trad climbing on either. With nearly 100+ different venues to choose from all with a less than a 2hour drive from almost anywhere (apart from Scotland) The Peaks is the place to be!

Climbing in the Peaks

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