Beat The Midge

Climbing in the Peak over the summer is amazing, however there is one creature which can ruin a good climbing session, the dreaded midge!

These are our top tips to avoid the Midge this summer.

1. Avoid wearing perfumes, aftershave or strong smelling antiperspirants.

Although its nice to not smell like a complete bum, Midges can be attracted to to these smells. We recommend trying odourless antiperspirants whilst out climbing, as these will help to not attract these little buggers to swarm in your direction.

2. Go where the wind blows.

Midge cant fly in wind which is traveling over 4km an hour. Its worth looking at weather reports for specific climbing areas which are more exposed than others. A great website and app to download is 'Windy' which is a weather prediction site which shows up to date and real time wind patterns. You can also check incredibly specific areas using their interface.

3. Stay in the sun.

Midge don't like the hot sun. Although its not always the nicest thing trying to climb sweaty Grit Stone with the sun beating down on you, there will be way less Midge. Just remember to suncream up!

4. Dusk and Dawn.

Avoid climbing at these times. This is when the Midge swarm. Just get out of there. Can't offer anymore advice on this one.

5. Midge spray.

There are loads of different types of Midge repellents out there. Smidge and Avons (accidental discovery of a strong Midge repellent and recommend by the SAS) Skin So Soft, are the ones we have found to be the most effective. Due to everyone having their own "unique smell" its best to just trial and error a few until you have the one which works for you. However if you don't have a chance to do some scientific studies on yourselves, anyone bought is better than not using one at all.

6. Antihistamines.

Although this isn't really a preventative, but its worth taking some before you head out just to help with the swelling and itching. Always check the packaging to see if there safe for you to take and please always read the instructions!

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