Our route to recovery...

Firstly, I want to personally thank all of you for supporting us through these difficult times. Our aim has always been a simple one - to help you become independent climbers and guide you towards bigger and greater adventures. Not being able to spend time with you these last few weeks has been really tough for us. 


Following the recent government announcement on the 10th May 2020, in England we can now head off into the outdoors for as long as we want. Drive an unlimited distance and meet up with 1 person from outside our household, as long as social distancing guidelines are met. The Government also laid out a plan on how they aim to restart the economy with a step by step strategy. 

We work closely with our local land owners, our rural community and representative bodies and after reviewing all the information available, we feel we can start to draw out a plan on how we can reopen our Climbing School as well as start to offer limited activities. 


As a business, our client and staff's safety is paramount, however we believe we can (in accordance to the advice laid out by our governing bodies & the government) provide some, limited activities to the public. All our staff are professionals and manage risk on a daily basis. We have written strict guidance for all staff and customers to follow which, will be reviewed daily by our senior team.


We have developed our 'route to recovery' plan for ourselves to follow as well to inform you our customers about what, where and how we can provide activities again. 

Our plan

'We are basing what we can run, and how we can run sessions, around the current UK Government's COVID 'Step' recovery strategy'

For any pre-existing bookings; there is no pressure to attend until you feel you are ready. All participants who had their bookings postponed due to the lock-down, we have said there is no expiry date to your booking and you can take as long as you want to come back, whether its this year or next. If you booked for more than 1 person, your booking will be converted automatically into a private session. If you booked individually you are more than happy to have a session privately however an extra charge may be added. All future booking in 2020 will be run privately until it is safe for us to run 'open course' dates again



Step 1

Of the governments Stance...

From the 25th May 2020


  • We will be running one-day sessions only.

  • Sessions will be limited to 1:1 bookings

  • Sessions can only be run in The Peak District.

  • Customers who's bookings were postponed due to lock-own are welcome to convert their existing bookings into private 1:1 session if they wish, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to arrange the alternative setting.

Of the governments Stance...

Step 2

If & when the Government lowers to its ‘Step 2’ stance… (Potentially 1st June)


  • We will be open for one-day private sessions only.

  • Sessions will be limited to 1:1 bookings or multiple people booked in from same household.

  • We may consider social ‘bubble groups’ only if the government allows that to happen.

  • Sessions can only be run in The Peak District

Of the governments Stance...

Step 3

If & when the Government lowers to its ‘Step 3’ stance… (Potentially 1st July)


  • Private multiple day sessions will be available again

  • This will consists of 1:1 or 1:4 sessions from same households or Social ‘bubble groups’

  • If allowed UK-wide sessions will be available

Customer Guidance
  • If you are showing any symptoms please self isolate for 14 days and contact us to re-book.

  • If you have been in contact with anyone suspected of having the coronavirus please contact us and self isolate for 14 days.

  • We will provide you with any equipment you need however if you have your own please can you bring that with you.

  • Please bring hand sanitiser with you on your course.

  • Customers will be required to bring a face mask with them to be worn, only if social distancing guidelines cannot be met for any unknown reason.

  • The use of 70% ethanol liquid chalk will be required for all participants for the time being.

  • We will meet you at the venue instead of our centre until it is safe to do so.

  • Please be considerate of other crag / hill users whilst outside.

Please contact us...

If you would like to chat to us about our sessions or about anything else please feel free to call or email

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